quarantine boxes, 2018

Quarantine is the isolation of people who either have a contagious disease or have ben exposed to one, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the disease. 

But what are the sounds we might associate with any of these diseases?  These old boxes, decorated with cyanotype print fabrics have been stuffed full of ceramic viruses.  Each box has a QR Code attached which release particular sounds.

Different theories of how diseases are transmitted have been created according the information available at any one time. The theories started with the Divine Judgement and went on from their accordingly.

Divine Judgement

Hundreds  of years’ ago epidemics were probably rare but they became terrifying events once populations  increased.  At that time people believed in magical or religious explanations of disease sent by the gods as a punishment.


QR-code smallpox - Heart beat

QR Code: Dream-like heart beat sound

Waking Dream


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Only included in the Divine Judgment section to bring attention to the shocking comments that were made by religious groups about gay society during the 1980’s.

qr code HIV

QR Code:Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring song

Being Boring

Credit: Suzy Q. youtube.com



QR code Black Death  - Ring a roses

QR Code: Ring a roses spooky version

Ring a ring a roses

Credit: Jade Brown youtube.com


bad air – musical notes

A pathological state of the atmosphere was associated with infectious disease and this became the Miasma theory. It was believed that the air was contaminated with poisonous vapours or miasmas produced by and a person could become infected when miasmas invaded the body.


QR Code Flu - Sneeze

QR Code: Sneeze


Credit: Motion Array youtube.com


qr-code whooping cough

QR Code: Sound of whooping cough in an adult

Whooping cough

Credit: youtube.com


qr-code cholera

QR Code: Fart sound

Bad Air

Credit:  Soundliketube youtube.com

germ theory – musical notes

In 1862 the French chemist Louis Pasteur proposed a germ theory of disease which stated that micro-organisms are the cause of disease. But finally it was Robert Koch who developed the criteria and procedures necessary to establish that a particular microbe and no other cause a particular disease.


qr-code - Rotavirus

QR Code:  Spin me right round – song by Dead or Alive

Spinning sound

Credit:  Motion Array youtube.com


qr-code Hep B.

QR Code: Sound of a crowd


Credit: Motion Array youtube.com


qr code TB.

QR Code: Ode to A nightingale which was written by Keats as he died of Tuberculosis


Credit: MEDZCOOL youtube.com

web of causation – musical notes

The Web of Causation is a popular modern metaphor used in public health for the theory of sequential and linked multiples causes of disease.  The web of causation is caused by our non-stop world of endless travel and contact.


QR Code Coronavirus

QR Code: Coronovirus medical advice

Coronavirus/Covid 19   

                                                                                                           Credit: Sound Nation youtube.comMRSA


qr code Airport - MRSA

QR Code: Modern airport sounds


Credit: Maldera Film youtube.com


qr-code - staphyloccocus loose change

QR Code: Loose change sound

Loose change

Credit: POND 5