OUTBREAK Games, 2016


Viruses are far smaller than bacteria. They are so small that they could not be seen until the electron microscope was invented in the 1940s. There are thousands of viruses, and in humans they cause a wide range of diseases. From chickenpox, herpes,  measles, mumps, AIDs, colds, and Covid 19 they have the ability to make our lives very uncomfortable.

OUTBREAK GAMES introduces viruses & bacteria and their exciting  microbial forms in some familiar games. Brightly coloured Pop Art pieces look as delicate as coral, but as dangerous as sea mines. These exciting works have become all the more relevant as we fear that antibiotics can no longer help us and our recent experience of the pandemic.  Audiences are invited to play microbial games and help white blood cells fight infection.


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Battle with viruses are represented in a humorous way on this large colourful draughts board.  See the red and white blood cells win the day over the Common Cold, Giardia Sickness bug, HPV and the Coronavirus which causes Covid-19.

Follow the link to see the game in action at the on-line exhibition at the 2020 Unus Multorum Exhibition at Plas Bodfa, Beaumaris.