Each sculpture makes a sound and you can  access the different sounds associated with each sculpture via QR Code app on your mobile phone or digitally via hyperlinks.  

Web of Causation Soundscape:    The evocative sound of an airport is a symbol of the modern world suggesting how many factors: different people, social and physiological environments  work together to pass disease from one to another. Credit: Maldera Film. Youtube

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Germ Theory soundscape   A loud sneeze symbolises the Germ Theory of the French chemist Louis Pasteur, who in 1862, proposed that microorganisms are the cause of diseasesCredit: Motion Array Youtube

Bad Air soundscape A reading of the poem Ode to a Nightingale written by the English poet Keats as died from Tuberculosis. The ceramic balloon is decorated with Tuberculosis microbe. Bad Air theory describes the  pathological state of the atmosphere associated with infectious diseases and this line of thinking developed further into the miasma theory . Credit: Soundliketube

Divine Judgement soundscape:  The belief that god or gods were responsible for most ills that people suffered.  The spooky Ring a Roses rhyme is about the Black Death.  Credit: Jade Brown